Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Elephant Quiz

  1. The largest land living animal-(Ans-African elephant)
  2. A new born elephant calf may approximately equal to -(Ans-70-130Kg)
  3. Difference between Asian female and African female-(Ans-African female have tusks)
  4. The number of muscles in the trunk-(Ans-100,000)
  5. Trunk is an extension of- (Ans-upper lip and nose)
  6. Asian Elephant's ear is -----times smaller than their African Counterpart(Ans-3)
  7. Which part of the body of the elephant regulates the temparature-(Ans-Ear)
  8. Elephant eat ------of fodder every day(Ans-200-300Kg)
  9. What is 'White gold'?(Ans-Elephant Ivory)
  10. The other animal having Ivory teeth-(Ans-Walrus)


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