Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Elephant cam

Elephant cam captured images of Tiger(Courtsey:BBC)
Elephants can store upto 8 Litres of water in the trunk. They use the trunk as an instrument.

This trunk consists of more than 40,000 muscles!!!

BBC had made a film about Tigers. They had fixed cameras on trained elephant trunks !!!!

More pictures and details

For more about elephants....http://www.elephant-kerala.com/
'Gajakesarikal' a book about the majestic elephants of Kerala in Malayalam by Mr.K.P.Raju an ardent lover of elephants. To know more about the book:phone-0481-2411733


"Gajananam Bhoothaganadhi sevitham Kapithajam bhubhalasarabhakshitham
Umasutham Shokavinashakaranam Namami Vigneswara padapankajam"
Gajapooja is worshipping of elephants. According to Puranas elephants are considered as incarnation of Mahaganapathy, the god who diminishes all obstacles. Vinayaka Chathurthy is an auspicious occasion for Ganapathy Temple. At Malliyoor Temple every year 'Gajapooja' and 'Aanayoottu' are observed as part of the Vinayaka Chathurthi rituals. Caparisoned jumbos are considered as the most eminent guests of the day. The feast of these pachyderms is a great pleasure to the devotees of the temple too. Bhagavatha Hamsam Malliyoor Namboothiri the great guru and the great devotee of Sri Guruvayurappa is conducting various events in the temple which attracts a lot of devotees from various places. It is the only temple, the diety is Sri krishna in the lap of Sri Mahaganapathy.

For more about elephants....http://www.elephant-kerala.com/
'Gajakesarikal' a book about the majestic elephants of Kerala in Malayalam by Mr.K.P.Raju an ardent lover of elephants. To know more about the book:phone-0481-2411733

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Konni Elephant Kraal

Konni elephant camp(courtsey:Konniecotourism.org)

Twins from Konni Elephant Kraal

Konni, elephant training centre is in Pathanamthitta District, about 10Kms from the Pathanamthitta town.
The elephant Kraal is a wooden cage used for training baby elephants. Baby elephants are groomed by the trained mahouts (chattam padippikkal-teaching the rules of a tamed elephant). This domestication is done systematically and according to the rules. This elephant Kraal had a history of 100 years. It is located in an area of 10 Acres.

Kerala Elephants

Luxurious bath-Shot from Kuttanadu
In Hindu culture Elephants have a relevant position. According to Hindus elephant is incarnation of Ganapathy 'the elephant headed god'. Our epics have a lot of stories about this wonderful animal. These animals make our festivities more colorful and attractive in such a way elephants have become an integral part of our life. Elephant is a wild animal and not a pet. We may love this animal but don't rely them. The relation between the human and elephant had started prehistorically. Elephants are considered as a symbol of the wealth of the family. Nowadays people became more craze about these animals.Elephant is earth's largest land animal. The huge size of the body and the slow movements make these pachyderms more magnificent but beyond this external appearance elephant is a sensitive animals with feelings like we do. The word elephant arises a nostalgic feeling of imagination and childish curiosity in us. Many people who became enthralled by the presence of the majestic view of this huge animal are not aware of the trauma they undergo under captivity. we have to know a lot about this animal which makes them more attractive and more lovable.

Kolambi poo Yellow beauties Poovarasu Kadalavanakku

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Guruvayoor Padmanabhan

He fires the enthusiasm among the elephant lovers by the elegant beauty and the majestic look. The most popular elephant of Kerala owned by Guruvayoor Devaswom. He has the privilege to carry the 'golden thidambu' of Lord Guruvayoorappa during 'Ekadasi Vilakku'and 'Arattu Ezhunnallippu' since 1962. People had a strong belief that he had the blessings of Lord Guruvayoorappa. He has been considered as the rebirth of 'Eiravatha' the elephant of King Indra. So his presence attracts the elephant lovers and devotees. He has all the auspicious signs of the elephant explained in 'Mathangaleela' -a book about the elephants. He is also known for the calm and obedient behavior and has never run amok during a festival.
In all festivities and processions he will carry the 'thidambu' the idol of the god and thus he will be the key attraction of the people. He is a valuable star among the elephants of Guruvayoor elephant sanctuary. He holds the record of for bagging the highest fee ('ekkam') of Rs.2,22,222/- for participating one day procession at Nenmara-Vallangi Vela in April 2004.

Happy Birthday to Sivan

The youngest elephant of Kerala have the luck to celebrate his birthday among a group of elephant lovers of Kerala. Sivan belong to Puthenkulam Shaji is a star in Puthenkulam village and his presence attracts a lot of tourists and natives to Puthen kulam. Shaji bought his mother from Sonpur Elephant fair in Bihar. She became pregnant after sometime. He arranged all facilities for a smooth delivery.
Now SPCA authorities and elephant lovers of Kerala are arranging a large scale celebration of his birthday on April 2nd. Wishing all the best from elephant-kerala.com.

More about the birthday celebrations and a shot of Shivan with his mother from External link

Friday, March 21, 2008

Guruvayoor Keshavan

Guruvayoor Keshavan and Narayani
The most legendary elephant of Kerala. He may be the first elephant who got such a wonderful fame through the devotion to the almighty. A film was also there to recollect him. His death anniversary is conducted every year by Guruvayoor Devaswom. All members of Punnathur Aanakkotta will gathers around his statue and garlands as a salute to their great ancestor.
The statue of Guruvayoor Keshavan


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