Saturday, August 25, 2007

Elephantine thoughts

Elephant is a feast for our eyes and this wild beauty evokes fear and childish curiosity in us. Epics had a lot of stories about the elephants (Kuvalaya peedham, Eiravatha). Elephant is also a troop in our war front (chathuranga sena-Aana, Kuthira,Theru and Kalaal). In Bharatha people had given a lot of importance to elephants in their life. Thus they reached scientific conclusions in their anatomy, behaviour, varieties, method of treatments and most common ailments. Mathangaleela and Palakapya are the evidences of their elephant related works. Elephant had influenced our language also. Mr.K.P.Raju an elephant lover of Kerala had given a precise description about the various aspects of the concept of elephant through his book ‘Gajakesarikal’.
The book starts with an explanation about the population of elephants in the world. It also covers Elephant science, elephant care, health, musth time, precautions and common ailments. The book also contains the color pictures of elephants from various phases of their life. This book will evoke the elephant lover in you and gives you the feeling of an ‘utsavam’.

For more about elephants....
'Gajakesarikal' a book about the majestic elephants of Kerala in Malayalam by Mr.K.P.Raju an ardent lover of elephants. To know more about the book:phone-0481-2411733


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