Monday, December 31, 2007

Two baby elephants dead at Kodanad in Kerala

Kodanad the elephant sanctuary in Kerala is in Ernakulam District. Two baby elephants Aswathi and Niranjan dead within 2 week. It is reported that 'Herpis Virus' infection is the reason behind the death. The officials at the camp had taken actions to prevent the infection.
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Nibha Namboothiri the first woman mahout of Asia had started a paliative care clinic for abused elephants in her home at Kodeeri Mana, Thiroor. She was very craze about the elephants from her childhood. She studied with the first female mahout of India, Parvati of Assam. Parvati learned her trade from her father. Namboodiri explained that mahouts may be classified into three types. Those who use love to control their elephants are called reghawan; those who use ingenuity to outsmart them, yukthiman; and those who control their animals with cruelty, balwan. It is common wisdom that if a mahout is cruel to his elephant, he may end up being killed, but if he is kind, it may one day save his life. There is the story of Subedar Ali, a mahout who was mauled by a tiger. His elephant carried him to safety, traveling several miles with the tiger in hot pursuit

Address of Nibha Namboothiripad:

Kodeeri Natural Camp Kodeeri Mana, S. Nagaparambu Naduvattom P.O., Kuttippuram Via. Malappuram Dist, Kerala, India
Ph: 0494 2604578 Mob: 9447084578 Email:


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'Gajakesarikal' a book about the majestic elephants of Kerala in Malayalam by Mr.K.P.Raju an ardent lover of elephants. To know more about the book:phone-0481-2411733

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Elephant news

The tallest elephant of Asia died when trying to climb a lorry at Mulanjoor.

Puthenkulam is becoming a popular tourist destination as it is home to the largest number of captive elephants in Kerala. More

As their natural habitat of forests shrink or disappear, elephants are up against the only predator they cannot seem to outwit: man. More

A full-grown tusker was captured recently under the orders of the Kerala Forest Minister and put through `training' required to make him obedient. During the training, the elephant was tortured to death. More

Watch an elephant. If it's happy, it will be flapping its ears. If not, the ears stay static. When it is very angry, the tail goes up, then beware! Another piece of advice from Sreekumar is: Never bend before an elephant. That is one pose it misinterprets. It feels it is about to be harmed. Director of the everhit TV programme E4 Elephant, Mr. Sreekumar Arookkotti shares his experiences with this wild beast More

Six-year-old tusker Raghuram joined the herd of elephants owned by Thiruvambady Devaswom here on Friday. The tusker from Assam was donated to the devaswom by one of the devotees More

If asked to select a mascot for world peace, do you think children would choose the elephant?
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'Gajakesarikal' a book about the majestic elephants of Kerala in Malayalam by Mr.K.P.Raju an ardent lover of elephants. To know more about the book:phone-0481-2411733

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Colours of Thripunithura utsavam

Sree poornathrayeesha temple during 'Vrischikotsavam'
In this temple the Lord Vishnu is sitting under the great serpent 'Anantha'. Arjuna installed the idol and a great story behind this idol.
"Sarppadheeswaramethamel ramayumaychillivilasathinalmupparum bharanam nadathi vilasumpoornathrayeesha prabhothrippadangal paninjidunnorivanilcherthidane nithyavumpolpathoruha lolamala karunapoornangalam kankalil"
Flower stall at Thripunithura

The yard for the elephants at poornathrayeesha temple

valiyavilakku at sree poorna thrayeesha temple

Statue junciton in 'utsava lahari' .

A stall at the festival with colourfull baloons and toys

Ottam thullal -An ancient art form of Kerala. It has a surtle humour flavour too. The songs will be from the great epics of Bharatha.

Sree poornathrayeesha temple illuminated on 'Valiya vilakku'

Sarppadheeswaramethamel ramayumay chillivilasathinal mupparum bharanam nadathi vilasum poornathrayeeshaprabho thrippadangal paninjidunnorivanil cherthidane nithyavum polpathoruha lolamala karunapoornangalam kankalil

Thiruvambadi Chandrashekharan at Thripunithura.

During the great festival 22 majestic elephants from all over Kerala participated. 'Aanayoottu' feeding of elephants was done in 9 day festival.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Maradu Kottaram Bhagawathi

Kottaram Bhagawathy temple images
The ground for the famous fire works and Mangayil school
Maradu Kottaram Bhagawathi temple is famous for the amazing fireworks during the annual festival. Two teams(Vadakke cheruvaram and Thekke cheruvaram) make the festival a memorable experience. The temple is near to Kudannoor juction and Le Meridian hotel. Bhadrakali is the main diety. Ganapathy, Shastha and Naga deva are sub dieties.

This years thalappoli(annual festival) begins on February 18.

Pandavathu Shiva temple is very close to the temple. A major shiva temple near by is Thiru Ayini temple. The temple is a very old one and has a serene atmosphere.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sree poornathrayeesha vrischikotsavam

Sree Poornathrayeesha temple is the at the heart of Thripunithura. The royal town has all the blessings of the the great Poornathrayeesha. Vrishchikotsavam is not a mere temple festival but it is the festival of all the people in Thripunithura. The legend behind the poornathrayeesha temple is a very interesting one. This explains the generosity and love towards the devotees of Sri Mahavishnu.
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In this temple the most special offering to Sree Poornathrayeesha is Oil(especially gingely oil).

My first visit to Thripunithura was in search of a hostel. At last we (me and my parents)found a working women's hostel very near to Sree Poornathrayeesha temple. I can see the 'Kodimarom'(flag post) from my room. The hostel was an ancient kovilakam carrying the smell of past very near to Kalikkotta palace. The life of Thripunithura according to me is very calm and pleasant. You can see the announcements of performances of celebrities in Kalikkotta palace frequently. Slowly I became an adamant devotee of Sri poornathrayeesha who blessed my life with a loving husband.
My hostel was managed by the Thaluk Union Kanayannoor and the building incorporated an Old age home also. The memories always bring the grey shadows of the old people with bright memories of their loving ones. There were people without children also. The hostel food and the darkness in the rooms spread into their lives also. I have some wonderful friends there. I was really happy with my job and the happy moments with my friends.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Elephants-Son of Sahya

Konni elephant Kraal
Kodanad Elephant Kraal
Punnathur kotta elephant sanctuary-Kerala
To know more about the above mentioned places and to view the pictures of these wild beauties
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Chethi Aaryaveppu and Shankupushpam

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The famous jumbos of Kerala

Guruvayur Padmanabhan
Thechikkottukavu Ramachandran
Pambadi Rajan
Mangalamkunnu Karnan
Kandampully Balanarayanan
Thiruvambadi Sivasunder
Nanu Ezhuthachan Sreenivasan
Kongadu Kuttishankaran
Cherppulassery Shekharan
Ollukkara Thiruvanikkavu Rajagopalan
Eerattupetta Ayyappan
Kuttankulangara Ramdas
Kodungalloor Gireeshan
Thiruvanikkavu Rajagopalan
Mangalamkunnu Ayyappan(Paramekkavu Devaswom)
Thiruvambadi Cheriya Chandrashekharn
Pattathu Sreekrishnan
Guruvayur Indrasenan
Kuttankulangara Arjunan
Mangalamkunnu Ganapathy
Thrikkadavur Shivaraju
Guruvayur Valiyakesavan
Puthrukkovil Ganapathy
Puthenkulangara Ananthapadmanabhan
Malayalappuzha Rajan
Karunagappally Mahadevan
Paravur Shashi
Aaranmula Reghu
Thiruvalla Jayachandran
Thrissur Kandambully Balanarayanan
Manissery Karnan
Ottappalam Mangalamkunnu Karnan
Kollam PuthenKulangara Anantha Padmanabhan
Changanacherry Swamy Ayyappan
Kalloorkkadu Mahadevan
Pullukulangara Ganeshan
Viyyor Neelakantan
Shankarnkulangara ManikandanSreerangam Murali
Kalloorkkad Mahadevan
Ollukkara Krishnadas
Ezhuthachan Sreenivasan
Thirunakkara Sivan
Pullamkulangara Ganeshan
Devaswom Achuthan Kutty
Ollukkara Krishnadas
Thottuchalil Bolenath
Mannar Vijayan
Durga Prasad
Puthuppally Kesavan
Sreerangam Murali
Mannar Madom Ganeshan
Udayanapuram Vijayan
Kiran Narayanan Kutty
Annamanada Umamaheswaran
Ushasree Shankaran Kutty
Vakkayil Gangadharan
Chirkkattu Venugopal
Puthuppally Brahmadathan
Kiran Kannnan
Kiran Ganapathy
Paravur Baladevan
Thiruvambadi Rajashekharan
Avittathoor Sivaprasad
Bastian Vinayachandran
Bastian Vinayaprasad
Chalakkudy Ukkankunju
Cheeroth Rajeev
Cheloor Gopinathan
Cherai Krishnadas
Chevoor Vijayan
Chirakkal Neelakandan
Chirakkal Kalidasan
Chulliparambil Ganapathy
Chulliparambil Vishnu
Cochin Devaswom Balaraman
Cochin Devaswom Ramachandran
Devaswom Gireeshan
Chappamattom Krishnankutty
Pallattu Shekharn
Elakkattu Bolenath
Thenmakkal Ganeshan
Mudakkalil Sulthankutty
Ithithanam Vishnunarayanan
Chirakkadavu Kannan
Pambady Sundaran
Edamanappattu Mohanan
Neendoor Ayyappan
Harippad Skandan
GVR Padmanabhan
Avanipparambu Damodaran
Puthrukkovil Ganapathy

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'Gajakesarikal' a book about the majestic elephants of Kerala in Malayalam by Mr.K.P.Raju an ardent lover of elephants. To know more about the book:phone-0481-2411733

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Thripunithura Vrichikotsavam

Listing some of the magnificent jumbos from Kerala who had participated in Thripunithura Vrichikotsavam

Devaswom Kuttishankaran
Devaswom Kuttichidambaran
Devaswom Cheriyachandrashekharan
Devaswom Padmanabhan Kutty
Panamanna Koodalattupuram Mana Kizhakkedan
Paliyam Shekharan
Paliyam Kuttikrishnan Kolodi
Deshamangalathumana Ayyappankutty
Deshamangalathumana Gopalan
Koodalattupuram Ramachandran
Kolakkunnathu Shankaran Nair’s Elephant
Kizhakkeveettil Gopi
Shankarnkulangara Kuttikrishnan

For more about elephants....
'Gajakesarikal' a book about the majestic elephants of Kerala in Malayalam by Mr.K.P.Raju an ardent lover of elephants. To know more about the book:phone-0481-2411733

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Elephantine thoughts

Elephant is a feast for our eyes and this wild beauty evokes fear and childish curiosity in us. Epics had a lot of stories about the elephants (Kuvalaya peedham, Eiravatha). Elephant is also a troop in our war front (chathuranga sena-Aana, Kuthira,Theru and Kalaal). In Bharatha people had given a lot of importance to elephants in their life. Thus they reached scientific conclusions in their anatomy, behaviour, varieties, method of treatments and most common ailments. Mathangaleela and Palakapya are the evidences of their elephant related works. Elephant had influenced our language also. Mr.K.P.Raju an elephant lover of Kerala had given a precise description about the various aspects of the concept of elephant through his book ‘Gajakesarikal’.
The book starts with an explanation about the population of elephants in the world. It also covers Elephant science, elephant care, health, musth time, precautions and common ailments. The book also contains the color pictures of elephants from various phases of their life. This book will evoke the elephant lover in you and gives you the feeling of an ‘utsavam’.

For more about elephants....
'Gajakesarikal' a book about the majestic elephants of Kerala in Malayalam by Mr.K.P.Raju an ardent lover of elephants. To know more about the book:phone-0481-2411733


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