Monday, December 31, 2007

Two baby elephants dead at Kodanad in Kerala

Kodanad the elephant sanctuary in Kerala is in Ernakulam District. Two baby elephants Aswathi and Niranjan dead within 2 week. It is reported that 'Herpis Virus' infection is the reason behind the death. The officials at the camp had taken actions to prevent the infection.
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Nibha Namboothiri the first woman mahout of Asia had started a paliative care clinic for abused elephants in her home at Kodeeri Mana, Thiroor. She was very craze about the elephants from her childhood. She studied with the first female mahout of India, Parvati of Assam. Parvati learned her trade from her father. Namboodiri explained that mahouts may be classified into three types. Those who use love to control their elephants are called reghawan; those who use ingenuity to outsmart them, yukthiman; and those who control their animals with cruelty, balwan. It is common wisdom that if a mahout is cruel to his elephant, he may end up being killed, but if he is kind, it may one day save his life. There is the story of Subedar Ali, a mahout who was mauled by a tiger. His elephant carried him to safety, traveling several miles with the tiger in hot pursuit

Address of Nibha Namboothiripad:

Kodeeri Natural Camp Kodeeri Mana, S. Nagaparambu Naduvattom P.O., Kuttippuram Via. Malappuram Dist, Kerala, India
Ph: 0494 2604578 Mob: 9447084578 Email:


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