Saturday, December 22, 2007

Elephant news

The tallest elephant of Asia died when trying to climb a lorry at Mulanjoor.

Puthenkulam is becoming a popular tourist destination as it is home to the largest number of captive elephants in Kerala. More

As their natural habitat of forests shrink or disappear, elephants are up against the only predator they cannot seem to outwit: man. More

A full-grown tusker was captured recently under the orders of the Kerala Forest Minister and put through `training' required to make him obedient. During the training, the elephant was tortured to death. More

Watch an elephant. If it's happy, it will be flapping its ears. If not, the ears stay static. When it is very angry, the tail goes up, then beware! Another piece of advice from Sreekumar is: Never bend before an elephant. That is one pose it misinterprets. It feels it is about to be harmed. Director of the everhit TV programme E4 Elephant, Mr. Sreekumar Arookkotti shares his experiences with this wild beast More

Six-year-old tusker Raghuram joined the herd of elephants owned by Thiruvambady Devaswom here on Friday. The tusker from Assam was donated to the devaswom by one of the devotees More

If asked to select a mascot for world peace, do you think children would choose the elephant?
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'Gajakesarikal' a book about the majestic elephants of Kerala in Malayalam by Mr.K.P.Raju an ardent lover of elephants. To know more about the book:phone-0481-2411733

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