Monday, December 3, 2007

Maradu Kottaram Bhagawathi

Kottaram Bhagawathy temple images
The ground for the famous fire works and Mangayil school
Maradu Kottaram Bhagawathi temple is famous for the amazing fireworks during the annual festival. Two teams(Vadakke cheruvaram and Thekke cheruvaram) make the festival a memorable experience. The temple is near to Kudannoor juction and Le Meridian hotel. Bhadrakali is the main diety. Ganapathy, Shastha and Naga deva are sub dieties.

This years thalappoli(annual festival) begins on February 18.

Pandavathu Shiva temple is very close to the temple. A major shiva temple near by is Thiru Ayini temple. The temple is a very old one and has a serene atmosphere.


Empirical said...

What do these words 'Maradu' and 'Kottaram' mean? I guess Bhagwathi means goddess.

AswathiBabu said...

'maradu'is the name of the place and kottaram means 'castle'

krishnakumar said...

Maradu kottaram thalappoli 2009 pics and video are available on till june 2009

AswathiBabu said...

Thanks krishnakumar for the valuable information


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