Monday, August 9, 2010

Nursery rhymes about Elephant

Dedicated this post to my loving children who are the great inspiration to do all these...

Its an action song for play school children. Its really funny to watch their actions in detailing all the features of the great elephant.

"Aanakkothiri vayarundu
neelan thumbi kaiyundu
thumbapoovin niramulla
koortha kombukal randundu"

This is about Kuttishankaran Aana
"Aana varunnundaana
neenda kombullaana
valiya vayarullaana
Kuttishankaran Aana"

This is also an action song
"Aana varunne changathi
aake urukkan changathi
karimalapoloru changathi
karukaru ulloru changathi
vannan kalukal nalennam
neelan kombukal randennam
thumbikkai ittattiatti komban
varunnathu kandille
pedi varunne changathi
odi olicho changathi"

This song is about the elephant at Kovilakam. Its a nice song explaining the details the elephant had done in Yesterday's night.
"kovilakathe keshavan ana
innale rathri madamilaki
nadu nadungi veedu kulungi
kettavarellam vira poondu
changala potti chithari panju
vamban komban gajaveeran
kovilakathe vathil thakarthu
kombil korthu pappane
vazhi vakkathe kinaru polichu
kayyil thadayum podiyayi
mumbe poyoru komban bussin
pimbe panju bahu dooram
puzhal irangi vanji marichu
nalanchalukal ozhuki poyi
ayyo potho nilaviliyay
nerchakal nernnu bhakthanmar"

A small song from my friend's collection
"Aana aarattu eecha eerandu
oothu oonjalu eelam elakka
sharkara kandalethum
chutti patti nadakkum
odichalum odichalum
pinneyum ethuvatharanu"

Friday, February 20, 2009

Aaranmula Mohanan passed away

Mohanan who got gajarajapattom in last month from Thripunithura died at Aaranmula elephant shed on February 08, 2009. Local people alleged, cruelty of the mahouts led to this brutal incident. Forest Dept. had registerd a case and the investigation is going on. Hundreds of elephant lovers paid homage to the tusker.
Kummanam Rajashekharan, General Secretary Hindu Eikya vedi visited the spot and paid tribute to the elephant. He told media persons that people and temple authorities must rethink about the parading of the elephants and they must aware of the stress they undergo during such events.
Authorities will check whether any violations from Kerala captive elephants rules had led to the death of this animal. People observed hartal at Aranmula to convey their grief against the brutality of mahouts towards the elephant. Post mortem was conducted by the veterinary surgeons and organs were sent to Thiruvanathapuram for further examinations.

Jayalalitha's Krishna

Krishna is a star in Punnathurkotta because she was offered by 'thalaivi' , former chief minister of Tamilnadu in 2001. Now he has 28 years. In 2004 he had won the 'aanayottam' conducted at Guruvayoor temple.
Earlier he was 'Kirangade Kannan' after she bought him she changed his name to Krishna. The ritual of offering an elephant to the temple is known as 'nadakkiruthal'. To offer an elephant to the Guruvayoor temple, clearance certificate from forest officials and veterinarians is a must. Besides the elephant we must give a fixed amount to the Devaswom for looking after it.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thechikkottukavu Ramachandran

Highcourt banned Thechikkottukavu Ramachandran from the festival of Thechikkottukavu temple. Forest Department had taken this precaution to prevent more accidents. One of his eyes are fully blind and another one is partially. Forest Dept. collected Doctor's Certificate about his blindness. This is not his musth period. Because of his partial blindness very minute irritation may damage human lives.

Thechikkottukavu in news headlines

Puthuppally Brahmadathan

Owned by Lalam Mahadeva temple

Unnikrishnan from Manjeri


Friday, February 6, 2009

Thechikkottu kavu Ramachandran ran amok at Ernakulam

Thechikkottukavu Ramachandran the tallest elephant of Kerala went amok during the festival of Ernakulathappan temple. One woman was killed and several others injured seriously.

It was a sad moment for Kochiitis during the most renowned festival of Kochi. Thechikkottukavu came from the Ayini temple, Maradu. According to reports he was gaining more popularity during these festival season and his rate in some days reached 60,000 !!!!

Aana Kaliyum Karyavum


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