Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Picture of Pambadi Rajan for sale in the road side of Perunna temple during Thaipooya kavadi mahotsavam.
'Aanayoottu' is the ceremonial feeding of elephants. Nowadays its a common thing in almost all the processions of the temples. In this ritual medicinal food prepared specially to feed the elephants. During this ritual a lot of food is given to elephants and it leads to 'erandakettal' means constipation.
Perumbillissery Sajprasad an elephant who participated in aanayoottu procession after that started the constipation and died on August 2007. Coconut, jgggery, rice flakes, honey they are formed as a concrete like mix in his colon and this leads to his death. It is also observed that the food is given in plastic carry bags and this may also damage their health.

The auspicious elephant of Kerala Pambadi Rajan is also suffering from 'Erandakettu'. Reports indicates that now he is recovering from the illness. More on Pambady Rajan

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