Friday, January 4, 2008

Elephant craze through generations

The great craze towards elephants made Mr.M Raghava kurup of Channanikkadu(near Chingavanam) the owner of more than 10 elephants. In his 16th he bought an elephant from Konni as fulfillment of his uncle's dream. The elephant cost was Rs.800/-. It was 76 years ago. After that he bought more than 50 elephants. His natives call him as 'Aanakkurupp'. He will participate in Gajamelas conducting by various temples. An elephant needs above Rs.500/- for the fodder and medicine every day. But he still finds money to nurture these pachyderms. Now he had crossed 90 years and had given his elephants to his children. More

In Kerala an elephant lover spent 15Lakhs for his pet elephant!!!!

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