Sunday, January 27, 2008

Art of elephant keeping

The first woman mahout of Asia
Nibha, have a post graduation in Zoology had started a paliative care clinic for abused elephants in her home at Kodeeri Mana, Thiroor. She was very craze about the elephants from her childhood. After her PG she spent four years to study about these pachyderms.More

A Foreigner to train elephants

Ilja Tromb from Netherlands is now at Kerala to study the art of elephant keeping from mahouts of Punnathoorkotta the largest elephant sanctuary in Asia. She is planning to do a paper on elephant management. For this she wants to know more about the relation between the mahout and the elephant, elephant's body language and communication between the elephant and mahout. The main obstacle for her study is the language. Her teacher the mahout Sathyapalan appreciates her hardwork and devotion.

News from Mathrubhumi on October 2003

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