Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Image courtesy:www.thekkadywildcorridor.com/

  • You can have an elephant ride through the jungle at Thekkady. All the facilities are arranged by Forest Department of Kerala.

  • Trekking:Interesting trekking areas, mainly Kurishumala, pullumedu and Ottakkathalmedu.

  • Boating trips: enjoy the wild beauty from a safe distance and can take photos of wild animals.

Telephone numbers : 91-486-322620



Thumba poovu

Chingam...Kanni.... Panchamritham


arunsubru said...

Elephants has always been a facination for mankind. In india elephants has got prestigious position among the people. It is every one wish to ride on the back of an elephant atleast once in a lifetime. The unique thekkady elephant safari package is an excellent opportunity to mingle with the elephants and spend some time with the biggest animal on earth.

AswathiBabu said...

thanks arun for going through this post and giving us the link to thekkady elephant safari


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