Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Puthenkulam-the elephant village in Kerala

Puthenkulam village is in Bhoothakkulam Panchayath in Kollam District. The village has the credit of having the largest number of captive elephants in Kerala. The village has more than 40 elephants. Puthenkulam Ananthapadmanabhan is the hero of elephant lovers of Kerala belongs to Puthenkulam Shaji. He had 9 elephants(6 male) including male baby elephant Shivan. The village has a lot of water resources and rich in coconut trees also. Thus it became the ideal village for elephants. Shaji's family started the elephant business in Puthenkulam. Once they had 23 elephants!!!After the festival season he gives rest to elephants. During this time he uses them for elephant-tourism. Many foreigners are interested to feed and bath an elephant. They are very curious to spend a day with this animal. Shaji is also on his way to a tourist facilitation centre at Puthenkulam.
Puthenkulam Ananthapadmanabhan the tallest elephant of South Kerala(10 feet 2''). Other majestic elephants are Puthenkulam Arjunan and Puthenkulam Mahadevan. 7 months old Shivan is the key attraction.
Every year more than 10,000 tourists are coming to this village. Here we can spend a day with an elephant. Facilities for elephant riding and trekking are also available.
Former Chief minister of Jayalalitha is a fan of Shaji. Actors Jayaram, Ganesh kumar and Babu Namboothiri are also regular visitors to this elephant village.

Elephants of Shaji Puthenkulam
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